Scented Parasoy Wax Melts - 6 Pack


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These hand poured wax melts come in a 6-piece plastic clamshell.  One or two cubes can easily be removed and placed in an approved wax warmer for hours of enjoyment.  Made with my own blend of soy and paraffin waxes.

* denotes phatalate free fragrances 

Net weight: 70g/2.5oz to 85g/3oz**

**each container is filled to the same level, but differences in the specific gravity of fragrance oils will affect the final weight of the product

Don't be confused by advertisements of 'triple scented' wax tarts/melts/candles.  Wax can only safely hold a certain amount of fragrance or essential oil.  Too much fragrance will leave an oily residue on the wax making it a fire hazard.  I blend my own waxes and add the highest percentage of fragrance oil possible to achieve the best result, but please remember that some fragrances will naturally be stronger than others.  Typically, soy wax will produce a quick release of fragrance but not last long.  Paraffin wax slowly releases the fragrance and will last longer.  I balance the two to give you the best product I can.